Enjoy A Bite To Eat At These Denver Restaurants That Top The Rankings

Denver, Colorado boasts quite a diverse landscape, and Colorado is just plain gorgeous. Have you ever been to the mountains there? Monarch Mountain is my favorite. Denver is just as lovely and packed full of things to do and wonderful restaurants. Pick from among these top establishments to see what great eats you are going to be running into while visiting the capital city of Denver.

There is a nice place called Root Down, and it’s located on W 33rd Avenue. Do you like lamb? At this restaurant, sliders can be lamb sliders, and that would make my day as an appetizer. They also serve beet salads and more, and there is a happy hour according to the reviews. Root Down is currently the #2 ranked restaurant according to one of the best travel review sites on the web.

Then you run across a steakhouse like Guard and Grace on California Street. First of all, isn’t that a really cool name for a restaurant? Guard and Grace is your place for a steak dinner, and they also serve up octopus, brussel sprouts, oysters and more. A couple of the appetizers on the menu according to reviews are crab cakes and spinach dip.

If you hop on over to Larimer Street, you are going to find a popular establishment called Snooze. You can get breakfast or lunch there, so why don’t we call it one of the best brunch spots. That is what is going to get your day started right when you are on vacation and perhaps not up at the crack of dawn for breakfast. Hop on over to Snooze after snoozing and grab some late pancakes. According to reviewers, the establishment is known for a wide assortment of syrups.

Are you in the mood for some short ribs? Maybe you would like to enjoy shrimp and grits, pork belly or octopus. Those are some of the menu items you are going to find over on Brighton Boulevard when you visit a restaurant called Acorn. You might also want to enjoy a delicious BLT. Acorn really sounds like an interesting place, doesn’t it?

While in Denver, you are going to find many interesting places for sure. Join us next time as we explore the city of Denver CO more in depth. You are going to know the city quite well next time you visit, and that spells out fun.